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Sheppard meanwhile, sees Ronon and Teyla unconscious, before he too is hit with a dart. Mc Kay tells her that the rest of his team should be behind him. Sheppard awakens in an open-air cage, with Ronon and Teyla.Sheppard attempts to console Ronon (even though Teyla previously tried, and failed), telling him they were inevitably bound to come across a planet he visited as a runner.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow to load Java Script.Teyla and Ronon continue to hold the villagers off, until they are both hit by tranquiliser darts.Mc Kay finishes dialing and limps quickly while firing at another villager, also with a crossbow, until he crosses the event horizon. Elizabeth Weir, noticing Mc Kay's injury, calls for a medical team.Ronon eventually admits that it was night the last time he went to this planet.In flashback, Ronon was near death and was being cared for by the villagers.

Back in Atlantis, the Expedition receives an incoming wormhole, with Chuck recognising Sheppard's IDC.Back on Keturah's planet, Ronon demands to speak with Keturah.One of the villagers mistakingly walks too close to Ronon, giving him the advantage to take the villager's knife and hold him hostage.Sheppard and Teyla return to see another team gearing up for a rescue mission.Sheppard explains that Ronon is still on the planet, and they must return to rescue him, even if they are to encounter the Wraith, which could be swarming the planet as they speak.

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