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I was at a bank meeting in Arizona, and a buddy of mine and I figured it out. It was called disintermediation, where deposits were flying out to the brokerage houses back in the ‘80s, but our bank grew.We had one direct-mail piece, which you [typically] get about half a percent response rate… Honegger…” (Gordon: I just came from our Morton Chamber’s Progress Report this morning, and they talked about the great water system we have… We got into banking because we can do charity work as well as make money.Both through the bank and personally, they have supported and served a range of causes—including the Rotary Club of Morton, Morton Community Foundation, The Salvation Army, W. Boyce Council, Morton Chamber of Commerce, Optimist Club and the United Way—as well as a catalogue of sponsorships too numerous to list.For their dedication to the community, the couple received the 2008 Distinguished Service Award from the Morton Chamber of Commerce and the Morton Venture Award from the Morton EDC in 2011. (Gordon: We invented a savings account that paid 15-percent interest, insured, back in the ‘80s when banks were prevented from paying more than five-percent insured.

Last year, it was the most profitable bank in Illinois, south of Chicago—a staggering achievement.

( Before we moved [to this location] in ’99, I had a lot of my pictures in my office.

Employees started asking, “May I have that picture for my office?

For example, there’s a brand-new softball diamond at Birchwood [Park], and our clock tower [scoreboard] is going to be outside in center field.

So if you’re halfway sharp, you’re on the football team, the student council and you give the graduation speeches… You get a big ego growing up in a little town like that.

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